This week's adventure in Perth


In case you can't read it, the missle says "Con Amor".

For obvious reasons, no poll this week. Check forum for more details.
Thanks for reading! Leo.

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Welcome to TwaiP!

"What is TwaiP?" I hear you ask. TwaiP stands for 'This week's adventure in Perth' (as can be seen in the banner!) and follows the adventures of the characters in and around Perth, Western Australia. Why pick that particular city? Firstly, it does not have a very large presence on the internet. Secondly, I happen to live there (here, whatever).

The next part to take note of is that TwaiP is interactive. Yes, you can have a say in what happens! Just pop into the Forum and you can see the polls (each Friday) discuss the plot and make any other observations that you wish to.

Thanks for visiting!

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