This weeks adventure in Perth


Bios for characters in TwaiP

Major Characters.

A rather laid back chap, Chan is more than happy to let the world come to him. He likes playing video games and is partial to a nice buttered scone with jam.

He shares an apartment with Dude and the biggest arguments they have are over who's going to wash the dishes.
The strangest thing about this fellow is that he only ever wears shorts and sunglasses. No matter what the situation, that's all he wears but no-one seems to notice (or at least they don't say anything).

He has a job that he never goes to but still gets paid for, so he pays the rent and the bills. It's his apartment and a few months ago Chan moved in, looking for some cheap accomodation.

Having returned from a short trip to another dimension, we now know that he has latent magical powers. Just to what extent his powers go is yet to be seen, but he can at least change his outward appearance (and fight off magical beings in the other dimension).
Sally lives across the hall from the boys and pretty much just walked in. She's a redhead, feisty and athletic. She lives with Ivy.
The newest addition to the TwaiP group. She likes pretty things, is very self-concious about how she looks and doesn't like spicy food.

Other characters

Hovea has appeared recently and identified himself (herself? itself?) as a "Shade". No-one is really sure just where Hovea is from, but Dude went to visit Hovea's realm and did not enjoy himself.
Dude's Uncle
A brave hunter, Dude's Uncle showed up to take care of a small dragon problem. Unfortuneatly, the dragon took care of him instead.

He's currently recovering in hospital.

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