This weeks adventure in Perth

How to get in contact with me:

The easiest way to send me information is through the fourm. I'm in there quite often, at least every weekend for the polls. I'm "Dr Neo Lao", so you can either make a post in the appropriate place or send me a private message.

If you don't feel like signing up to be a member of the forums, you can make a post in the guestbook without having to sign up, provide an email address or any other such things.

You can also contact me directly by email if you so wish:

twaip_comic (at) hotmail (dot) com

That's a fairly standard way of avoiding spam bots. If it's the first time you've seen that, it's a standard email address, just replace the (at) with @ the (dot) with a . and remove the spaces.

Thanks for stopping by! - Leo

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